19 modern multilevel car parks to appear in Ashgabat this year

Totally, these car parks will provide lots for 6 thousand vehicles.

At present moment, construction company have already built 6 parkings � 2 for 400 vehicles and 4 for 240 vehicles. They are located in large living estates Parahat 1, 3, 4 on Tajir passage, on intersection of B. Kerbabayev and M. Kosyaev streets in Berkararlyk etrap.

Another 10 multi-level car parks (3 for 400 and 7 for 240 vehicles) will be put into operation in near future. New garages will be opened in Parahat � 6 and 7/4 living estates as well as in the 9th, 10th and 11th micro districts in Gaudan B on G. Ezizov Street, Mary passage and intersection of Garashsyzlyk and 10 Yil Abadanchylyk avenues, etc.

Due to rapid growth of number of vehicles in the capital, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov set specific tasks for development of relative infrastructure. Programme of construction of modern parkings using limited space of urban territories will help to arrange parking of growing number of transport in living estates without occupying areas near the houses.

Thousands of Ashgabat citizens, especially those living near the places with increased attendance, have already felt the advantages of spot expansion of parking space. Besides, it allows to leave the vehicles near the houses.

Modern decoration and tile materials were used during the construction of new parkings. Solid buildings stipulate comfort parking of individual transport; two passenger elevators providing access to all levels were installed for the comfort of motorists.

Parking lots are equipped with sensors, which transmit information to the display showing free parking lots on each floor. Car parking are connected to fire detection alarm system and all levels are equipped with web-cameras. The driver can communicate with duty operator via intercom system. Some of the entrances of the garages are equipped with automatic pay machines with beams.

First floors of 400-vehicle parkins will accommodate shops and car parks with less automobiles car washes.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper