2 million holder of Altyn Asyr bank card receives valuable gift

Silkworm breeder from Yusup Gurbanov Farmers Association from Tejen etrap, Ahal Velayat Annageldy Gandymov was the lucky winner. The award ceremony was held in the office of the State Commercial Bank Halkbank.

– This is happy event for me. Bank card opens large opportunities for users like taking cash, money transfer, credit and interests payments, payment of communication bills, purchases, Internet services, IP TV and many others.

It was mentioned during the ceremony that recently actual measures are undertaken in the country by the initiative of the Head of the State for establishment efficient national model of market economy. Stable functioning of banking sphere, which is one of the most important segment of national economy, plays key role in dynamic development of Turkmen economy and improvement of wellbeing of the population.

Domestic banks offer different services to agricultural producers, which are aimed at support of entrepreneurship initiative. These are flexible system of beneficial credits and proven system of payment settlements. This allows procuring new equipment, implement innovative technologies, increase yield productivity, expand production infrastructure and create new work places.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper