2021 may be the driest year for Ashgabat. The city still turns off the water at night

The extreme drought in Ashgabat this year became one of the longest for the entire period of meteorological observations, Meteozhurnal reports .

The same dry period was observed in the capital of Turkmenistan in 1999.

"Drought of extreme values has been held in the city for at least six months, and in general, drought in Ashgabat has been observed since January this year," the newspaper writes.

Since the beginning of the year, the city has received only 35.9 mm of precipitation with an annual climatic norm of 213 mm.

Meanwhile, in Ashgabat, in order to save money, the water supply to apartments is still turned off at night.

On May 25, the President was informed about the development of rules for the use of drinking water supply and drainage systems in Turkmenistan. “Taking into account the peculiarities of the natural and climatic conditions of the region, it is necessary to carry out work on water conservation, to find new opportunities for replenishing water resources,” the head of state said and ordered to continue active research in this direction.

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