27 participants of the Halk Maslahaty session in Lebap test positive for COVID-19

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that 27 people from Lebap velayat selected to take part in the session of Halk Maslahaty have tested positive for COVID-19.

By 26 January future participants of the session had been identified and had their medical examinations. 11 elders (eight women and three men), 16 public sector employees, including two law enforcement officers (a police officer and an investigating officer from the public prosecutor’s office) tested positive for COVID-19.

The executives of the region demanded that they be replaced with other individuals, preferably from the same etraps and organizations.

Radio “Azatlyk” reports that participants of the Halk Maslahaty session were placed under quarantine in local hotels in Ashgabat and Mary. Ten elders had high temperature and they were sent back home. Twenty Parliament members also had high temperature and were admitted to hospital.

The participants of the upcoming session have to cover their expenses in Ashgabat. The rate for Ashgabat hotel is approximately 140 manats.

An ad-hoc meeting of Halk Maslahaty will be held online on 11 February. It was previously announced that the strategy for Turkmenistan’s development for the next 30 years would be on the session’s agenda.

Following the Parliamentary reform in 2020 Halk Maslahaty (People’s Council) in its previous format ceased to exist and Halk Maslahaty is now the name for the Parliament’s Upper Chamber, which consists of 56 members.

However, despite this, not only official members of the Halk Maslahaty but also the elders, veterans of labour, mothers of many children and other “respected” individuals have been be invited to attend.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan