400 young boys and girls enter the new university – the Institute of Communal Services

The new higher educational institution - the Institute of Communal Services of Turkmenistan has replenished the infrastructure of the national system of higher education. The campus located in Abadan occupies the 25-hectare territory that hosts three academic buildings, an administration building, a residential compound for the families of university professors, four dormitories, a library, canteen, conference hall and a sports cluster. There is a greenhouse on the territory of the institute to practice and conduct scientific research in the cultivation of decorative flowers and plants.

The construction works on the territory of the campus are under completion. Classrooms, offices, other premises of the institute are supplied with office equipment, furniture, necessary educational and laboratory equipment. The equipment manufactured by the leading European manufacturers, is designed to ensure the modern educational process given the innovative development of the national system of higher education.

The new university will train specialists for the state system of municipal services. The solemn opening ceremony of the Institute of Communal Services will take place on the eve of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

The Asian Games determined the elaboration of a new concept for the development of the Turkmen capital that combines innovations and ecological culture, national traditions and comfort. In this context, the priority is given to the uninterrupted and high-quality operation of all public utility services and effective management, which will be assigned to future graduates of the profile institute.

The new institution of higher education will train specialists based on the four main department � Communal Services, Economy and Management, Engineering Systems and Constructions, Mechanical and Technological. There is also the Professional Development Department at the institute, which focuses on the professional growth of employees in the sphere of municipal services.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper