56 young Turkmenistan citizens became the prize winners of Gulbaba Award

Ashgabat hosted the honouring ceremony of the winners of special children Gulbaba Award. The prize was awarded to 56 talented children from all regions of the country � winners of intellectual, art and school contests, sport competitions of regional and international scale.

They were presented with special certificated and valuable prizes in ceremonial atmosphere in the Exhibition Centre of the Trade and Industry Chamber. Talented boys and girls were greeted by numerous relatives and friends who gathered in the Centre to share the joy with young talents.

Celebration concert with the participation of famous singers and choreographic collectives and winners of 2018 Gulbaba Award was given in honour of this year winners.

This children art contest was organized by the Central Council of Magtumguly Youth Organization of Turkmenistan and has been held since 1991. The Award is named after talented boy Gulbaba who play dutar and sang his own song excellently, having lived short although bright life.

Boys and girls up to 18 years old from all velayats of the country take part in the contest. First, there are qualification rounds on etrap and velayat levels, which winners take part in the national round. This year, 166 contesters took part in the final part of the contest, from which the jury has selected 56 most deserving children.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper