81.39% of voters cast ballot for referendum in Uzbekistan (PHOTO)

Turnout at the referendum on amendments to the Constitution of Uzbekistan by 17:00 local time stood at 81.39% of the number of citizens included in the lists, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Committee (CEC) Bakhrom Kuchkarov told reporters, Trend reports from the scene.

"According to information received from the polling places before 17:00, out of 19,722,809 citizens with the right to vote, 15,802,095 citizens or 81.39 percent voted. So far, the voting process has been completed at the polling stations in Vladivostok, Tokyo, Seoul, Gwangju, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. At these polling stations, the summing up of the voting results and the counting of ballots began," he added.

A referendum on the Constitution is underway in Uzbekistan on April 30.

Amendments to the Constitution are aimed at strengthening the functions of Parliament to appoint the heads of supervisory and law enforcement agencies, while part of the powers of the president is transferred to the supreme legislative body. In addition, it is proposed to increase the term of the presidency from 5 to 7 years.

Judges of the Constitutional Court are proposed to be elected for a ten-year term. The Constitutional Court elects for a five-year term from among its members the Chairman of the Constitutional Court and his deputy.

A large package of amendments to the Basic Law is aimed at further liberalizing the country's economy.

Source: Trend News Agency