82 y.o. Ashgabat resident Kaka Gurbanov left homeless (video clip)

A resident of Ashgabat, 82 y.o. Kaka Gurbanov, has been deprived of his accommodation and for 10 years has failed to have justice redressed.

In 2008, when Gurbanov left to take care of a sick family member in Mary, a commission comprised of an official from the khyakimlik's office, police and house administration staff removed the metal entrance door to the apartment, filled out a report and collected the belongings owned by K. Gurnabov. After that another family moved in.

Upon his return Kaka Gurbanov found new occupants who had settled in his apartment, and he started contacting various agencies to reinstate his property and belongings. A year later he learned that his belongings had been handed over to the house administration for storage. Instead of his belongings (a TV set, three Turkmen carpets, $300 in savings and clothes) he found old things which belonged to someone else. He was ultimately deprived of his property and belongings. Since then he has been making a living by reselling merchandise and has resided in a rented apartment. Throughout this period he has submitted written complaints and personally contacted various agencies, including the Prosecutor's General office, the Supreme Court, the President's executive office and the Office of the Ombudsman.

Ombudsman Gurbannazarova confirmed that his rights had indeed been violated by the confiscation of his property and belongings. However, since the Ombudsman's office does not have enough staff to handle the numerous complaints, for the time being she cannot provide any assistance to Gurbanov.

Now, since K. Gurbanov is elderly, unable to earn a living and cannot afford to pay rent, he spends the nights in different places, often on the street.

Nevertheless, Kaka Gurbanov hopes that his case will be positively resolved by the Ashgabat authorities.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan