A batch of John Deere agricultural machinery for private producers arrives in Turkmenistan

A new batch of agricultural machinery from the American machine-building company John Deere has arrived in Turkmenistan for private agricultural producers.

Local entrepreneurs can purchase new modern tractors and additional units for them through the bank, having issued an appropriate long-term loan. The contract for the purchase of agricultural machinery with John Deere was signed in October 2020. Since that time, more than $ 25 million worth of agricultural machinery has already been supplied to Turkmen entrepreneurs, another part of it is on the way or in the process of being shipped to Turkmenistan.

John Deere is a reliable, long-term partner of Turkmen farmers. The well-known American manufacturer of agricultural machinery has been present on the domestic market of the country for more than 25 years. During the cooperation, about 8 thousand units of various agricultural machinery and equipment of this manufacturer were delivered to Turkmenistan.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru