A concert of Turkmen pop stars took place in Moscow

The gloomy icy dampness of the Moscow winter suddenly blossomed with the bright warmth of oriental melodies and incendiary southern rhythms. One of the best concert halls in the Russian capital, «Vegas City Hall», received almost 1,500 music lovers who gathered for a tour performance by Turkmen pop stars.

The concert of Turkmen artists in Moscow is in itself a rare phenomenon and therefore doubly desired. For a number of years, bright creative teams from Turkmenistan came to Russia only as part of the Days of Culture. However, the process of developing bilateral contacts in the cultural and humanitarian sphere does not stand still, and in recent times it has received a powerful additional impetus.

At the end of last year and at the beginning of this year, a number of productive meetings took place between the leadership of the two countries, both in Ashgabat and in Moscow. One of the results of the agreements reached on expanding cultural exchange between the two partner countries was the current creative landing of the best masters of the Turkmen stage in the Russian capital. The Embassy of Turkmenistan in Russia provided all possible organizational support for the landmark cultural event.

Needless to say, such a unique event was sold out. The news about the upcoming concert spread both through official information sources and through social networks. Natives of Turkmenistan, as well as students studying at Moscow universities, made every effort to get to a memorable meeting with tunes that are dear to the heart. The guests of honor of the evening were representatives of the diplomatic corps of the CIS countries, who responded to the kind invitation of their Turkmen colleagues.

The Turkmen pop art on the Moscow stage was represented by soloists whose popularity in their homeland did not require presentation of additional certificates of quality. The owner of a charming voice, the vocalist Azat Donmezov, the virtuoso of playing the wind instruments, the multi-instrumentalist Serdar Haydarov, the magician of percussion oriental instruments Atajan Eyyubov has long and firmly won the hearts of fans in their native Turkmen open spaces. Now they had to demonstrate their professional reputation in front of the demanding Moscow public. Of course, Turkmen musical art was quite close and understandable for most of the assembled spectators, but the high level of the Moscow venue itself obliged a lot.

– From the very beginning, I had no doubts that the artists on stage and the audience would instantly find a language of mutual understanding, Kerim Ilyasov, head of the Turkmen creative landing force, director of the Ashgabat Mukamov Palace, commented on the situation. – In my memory, there are many successful performances by performers of Turkmen ethnic music in many countries of the world, in front of audiences with very different degrees of readiness for a specific perception. And every time, the temperament and inspired spiritual openness of the artists work wonders, and the hearts of the public invariably open up to the powerful energy message coming from the stage.

It was the same this time: the audience clapped and danced to the beat of the rapid flights of folk melodies, the hall flourished with Turkmen national flags, time floated away unnoticed, lulled by the sweet sounds of soulful songs. A flurry of applause did not let the performers backstage. The Turkmen colleagues were also supported by their performances by Russian pop stars, who accepted the invitation to become honorary guests of the festive evening.

The enchanting celebration of disturbing rhythms and fantastic emotions, unfortunately, could not continue indefinitely. The audience dispersed in the hope of new memorable meetings with Turkmen artists and the greatness of the folk music they represent.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper