A conscript died in Mary. His family is convinced his death was caused by hazing

On 8 December, 2019 a young conscript, a resident of Turkmenabat, Seidulla Rasulov died in the district hospital of the village of Yoloten, Mary velayat after doing military service in the local military unit for one month.

The news outlet Turkmen News reported on 26 May, 2020 that in the autopsy report signed by a forensic physician G. Annadurdyev “meningitis of uncertain origin” was indicated as the cause of death, but his family members do not believe the medical report.

According to the news outlet, on 5 November last year Seidula was mobilized to do military service in Mary velayat. He was healthy when he was drafted and had no health-related complaints and so the news of his sudden death came as a shock to his family.

Rasulov was admitted to hospital in critical condition. Those who had seen him there told his mother that he had been severely beaten and his internal organs appeared to have been damaged. During the week his condition deteriorated and the conscript was admitted to the intensive care unit where he died.

“His mother and brother came to the hospital and waited for two hours to get his body, – a source of the media outlet was quoted as saying.  – When they brought his body home they were horrified to see it had been cut open and then sewn back and there were multiple bruises on his legs, arms and back”.

Later the relatives were informed that all internal parts of the body with signs of bleeding had been washed by the forensic pathologists during the autopsy. When asked by the mother why her son’s body was bruised the doctors explained that it was the result of the autopsy.

Let us recall that in August 2019 independent media outlets reported that two conscripts were killed by fellow recruits in Turkmenistan.

In September 2019 “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” learned that four conscripts had died as a result of hazing in the military unit located in the village of Shagal, Lebap velayat.



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan