A Hot Rock Atmosphere: The Orchestra under Takhir Ataev Presents a New Program

On  the Orchestra under Takhir Ataev presented a new program symbolically entitled “The Heat” at Watan Cinema-Concert Hall. It featured talented singers, instrumental versions of famous hits and songs by Scorpions, Imagine Dragons, Evanescence, AC/DC, Nirvana, Queen, Roxette, Kino, and other bands.

Rock hits performed by classical musicians… Before those skeptical could begin doubting the undertaking, I would like to assure that the ambitious idea turned into a truly spectacular musical show that left vivid and powerful impressions on both the musicians and audience members alike.

The singers performing in the concert: charismatic Alexander Kochetov, charming Dovran Shammyev, adorable Aynur Makhmudova, Asya Konstanyan, who is just starting out on her career on the big stage, and the audience made a good team of like-minded people creating an atmosphere of openness and direct interaction. Suffice it to say that the audience was incredibly enthusiastic singing along with AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ performed by Alexander Kochetov and with Limp Bizkit’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ sung by Dovran Shammyev.

Not breaking his rules, Takhir had several pleasant surprises in store for the concert-goers. One of them was when violinist Olya Sultanmuradova made her singing debut with the hit song ‘Mad about You’ by Hooverphonic accompanied by her fellow orchestral musicians. Her singing ability was an amazing revelation to all.

– I loved my transformation very much, Olya confessed. – If Takhir invites me to sing again, I will be delighted to continue this interesting experiment.

Conversations between the performers and audience members, helpful introductory information on each song, the in-concert energy exchange, and a dialogue between individual performance styles made the program an organic whole.

Dovran Shammyev provided an explanation for the powerful message the legendary rock band Queen’s iconic hit ‘The Show Must Go On’ communicates to us. Standing on stage, Aynur Makhmudova thanked her mother for the support and encouragement she offered to her: “Just do it, daughter, I know you will succeed!” Positive and open-hearted Alexander Kochetov commented on his stage costume: “When asked, where is your coat, Sanya?” “The Heat” I reply…

Indeed, despite the fact that it was pleasantly cool inside, the venue was literally charged with emotions and the creative drive of the young and innovative performers.

The audience kept applauding for a long time, not letting the musicians and singers leave the stage. Deeply moved by the enthusiastic reception, Takhir Ataev said, “We will give a repeat concert next week to see you again!”

The talented young conductor shared his impressions and unveiled his future plans in a conversation:

– The overall success of “The Heat” program helped me to come to a decision not to go on vacation. We will continue to perform and do our best to amaze audiences with our creative ideas and original renditions as before, and will seek to discover and promote new stars…



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