A meeting of representatives of the Turkmen civil society was held in Vienna

On October 8, a meeting of representatives of the civil society of Turkmenistan was held in Vienna (Austria).

The participants discussed the current situation in Turkmenistan: cases of human rights violations in the country, the situation of Turkmen citizens abroad, the epidemiological situation (government denial of the presence of COVID-19), corruption, interaction with international organizations, financial institutions and governments, and other issues.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided to further jointly monitor the socio-economic situation in Turkmenistan, track violations of human rights, and respond in a coordinated manner to ongoing events.

Participants consider one of the response tools, among other things, to inform the public and work with international structures through open letters, appeals, statements and consultation meetings.

The meeting was attended by:

• Tajigul Begmedova - Turkmen Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights;

• Vyacheslav Mamedov - Civil Democratic Union of Turkmenistan;

• Timur Misrikhanov - Association of Independent Lawyers of Turkmenistan;

• Ruslan Myatiev - Turkmen.News;

• Chemen Ore - Turkmenia Unite Group;

• Farid Tukhbatullin - Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights;

• Ruslan Tukhbatullin - "Chronicle of Turkmenistan";

• Annadurdy Khadzhiev - Turkmen Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights;

• Nurmukhammet Khanamov - Republican Party of Turkmenistan.

Also at the event was a representative of the human rights organization "Freedom of Eurasia" Leyla Nazgul Seyitbek and other activists.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan