A new office building of the joint-stock-commercial bank

The new office building of the joint-stock-commercial bank "Rysgal", the first bank in Turkmenistan, created by private businessmen and registered in late 2011, was opened in Ashgabat on the crossroads of streets Oguzhan and Ankara.

A 10-storey office building of the bank constructed by members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, possesses modern architectural design harmoniously supplements a shopping complex erected on both side of the building.

The total area of the high-rise bank office makes up 4430 square metres. On the ground floor premises for customer operations, services according to the international standards and with the account of modern technologies and approaches are located. Above � rooms for employees. On 5-10 levels a business centre where possibilities for forums, business meetings, and seminars is located.

The shopping complex with an entertainment zone on the fifth floor and a restaurant - on the sixth create a perfect harmony with the bank office building.

In the neighbourhood with businessmen there is an 8-storey apartment house of 84 flats with shops on the ground floor. It includes sales outlets of goods of daily demand and also furniture salons which offer goods of the furniture factory of UIET. Near the house there is a well-accomplished children's playground. For owners of cars there are indoor and outdoor parking places there as well.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper