A new water treatment facility was put into operation in the Baherden etrap of the Ahal velayat

The implementation of the project for the construction of a new hydraulic facility with a capacity of 20 thousand cubic meters of water per day was carried out by the individual enterprise «Mukaddes toprak».


The opening ceremony of the modern water treatment facility was attended by members of the Halk Maslahaty, deputies of the Mejlis of the Milli Gengesh, heads of hakimliks and etraps of the velayat, as well as honorary elders of the country.


Speaking at the solemn part of the event, Muhammet Annamuhammedov, director of the «Mukaddes toprak» IE, said that the hydrotechnical facility with a total area of 4.2 hectares includes a whole range of engineering, technical, production services for the treatment of wastewater coming from the settlements of Archman, Keletdag and the resort Archman.


The high-quality equipment installed here – pumps, filter systems and other devices that meet international standards, will allow for multi-stage wastewater treatment using innovative technologies, including biological ones.


The commissioning of a new hydraulic structure will allow the rational use of natural resources and will contribute to the provision of agricultural land with uninterrupted irrigation.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper