A plane of Turkmenistan Airlines held at Paris airport for debts

On 16 December a plane of Turkmenistan’s State-run Airlines Turkmenkhovaeyollary failed to depart to Ashgabat from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris as it was detained by court officials for the company’s debts.

The French website Europe 1 reports that, pursuant to a court verdict, a fine of 186 000 euro was imposed on the airline for repeated violations including exceeding the permissible noise level at night time, deviations from specified routes and flight delays (a total of 11 violations). Overall, taking into account the 10% penalty for payment arrears, the amount of the fine rose to 204 000 euro.

Passengers for this flight were sent to Ashgabat on Saturday on another plane chartered by the airline.

Let us recall that in September 2016 Turkmenistan Airlines Turkmenkhovayollary were prevented from flying over Russian territory because of debts. On 19 September the accumulated debt in the amount of $220 000 was paid off.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan