A plant for the production of carbon black was put into operation

Today, here, in the Mary etrap, a new production facility was opened - a plant for the production of carbon black with a capacity of 3,000 tons of products per year.

According to the relevant Decree of the head of state, the project for the construction of a new enterprise was implemented by the Economic Society "Eziz dag".

Today, representatives of the Turkmen business circles work effectively in various sectors of the national economy, which contributes to strengthening the economic power of the country, creating new jobs, and improving the well-being of the people.

One of the products of the chemical industry, which is in demand in various industries, is carbon black. The commissioning of a new plant located in the Mary etrap will increase its production in our country, and, as a result, increase the volume of exports of this sought-after product.

The enterprise, which occupies a total area of 9.9 hectares, is equipped with modern equipment and advanced technologies. In addition to the production building, its structure includes an office building, a warehouse, and a number of specialized engineering and technical facilities. All necessary life support systems for an industrial facility are also provided, including gas, electricity, water supply networks, etc.

Carbon black is used for coloring plastics, as well as a retarder of their aging and a component that gives plastics antistatic and electrically conductive properties. In some cases, it is an antioxidant, helping to neutralize oxidative processes.

As a rule, carbon black is added to almost all polymers to improve their resistance to weathering, including protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Along with this, it is used in metallurgical, electrical, printing, paint and varnish, light industry, finds its application in copiers and duplicators, in the production of special grades of paper, the production of electric carbon products, as well as galvanic cells that are a power source for various electronic devices, instruments, digital technology.

In this way, the commissioning of a new modern enterprise in the year passing under the motto "The epoch of the people with Arkadag", which has replenished the infrastructure of the domestic chemical industry, is another step towards strengthening and effectively implementing the economic potential of the Motherland, solving the important tasks set before our country in this direction.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH