A public action of burning drugs and smuggled cigarettes was held in Turkmenistan

An action was held in Turkmenistan to destroy narcotic drugs and smuggled tobacco products seized during special operations carried out by the law enforcement and military departments of Turkmenistan.

The action was attended by heads of parliament, government, members of the State Security Council, representatives of public organizations, healthcare, the media and elders. The public destruction of narcotic drugs and smuggled cigarettes was a clear demonstration that Turkmenistan is fulfilling its international obligations in the field of combating drug trafficking in the light of the country’s policy to promote the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Campaigns to burn drugs are held in Turkmenistan twice a year. Its participants have the opportunity to personally throw drugs and tobacco products into the furnace of special furnaces. The entire burning process is controlled by employees of the Turkmen law enforcement agencies and authorized experts.



Source: Turkmenistan.ru