A rich crop of gourds has been grown

At present, the farmers of the Balkan velayat are continuing to harvest gourds at an accelerated pace.

And if the gardeners of the Magtymguly etrap specialize in growing pomegranates, figs and walnuts, and the gardeners of the Etrek etrap specialize in growing olives, the farmers of the Bereket etrap have gained extensive experience in the production of gourds.

These days, in their fields, located along the Garagum River, gourds are harvested at a high pace.

The farmers of the velayat annually grow a rich harvest of watermelons, melons and other gourds, contributing to food abundance.

The organic products grown by them are delivered not only to the outlets of the velayat, but also to the markets of other velayats and the capital of Turkmenistan.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper