A tender has been announced for the construction of a reservoir in Dashoguz. Region suffers from water shortage for third year

The Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan has announced an international tender for the construction of a new channel of the Shasenem irrigation canal in the Dashoguz velayat with a length of 100.2 km and a reservoir with a capacity of 90 million cubic meters.

The corresponding announcement was placed in the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan" dated July 7.

Recall that at a meeting on May 30, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the khyakim of the Dashoguz velayat Nazarmyrat Nazarmyradov . The President noted the low pace of work carried out in the region's agriculture and expressed dissatisfaction with the level of their organization. A few days before the meeting, the president visited the Dashoguz velayat, where he severely reprimanded Guizgeldi Baijanov , chairman of the State Committee for Water Resources, for problems in the field of water supply. The region has been suffering from a shortage of water for irrigating fields for the third year already .

During the President's visit on May 25, TDH reported that work was underway to improve the water supply in the Dashoguz velayat. In particular, preparations are underway for the construction of a large artificial reservoir in the valley between the Shasen and Turkmen rivers , originating from the Dueboyun reservoir. The Shasenem riverbed will be lined with concrete.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan