A two-volume book about outstanding cultural figures of Turkmenistan has been published

The state libraries of Turkmenistan have been replenished with new books published in the country. Among them is the first encyclopedic edition, published in two volumes – “Outstanding artists of the theater, cinema and circus of Turkmenistan.”




Under the covers of the books there is information about the formation of the Turkmen theater and cinema art, as well as the original Turkmen circus.




The first volume presents a detailed history of the capital and regional theaters of our country from the moment of their foundation to the present. The pages contain unique photographs of theater buildings and performances staged on stages in different years.




Fans of theatrical art and students of creative universities will be interested in reading the biographies of prominent actors representing groups – the Main Academic Drama Theater named after S. Turkmenbashi the Great, the National Music and Drama Theater named after Magtymguly, the National Drama Theater named after Alp Arslan, the Student Theater named after Mollanepes, the State Russian Drama Theater Pushkin Theatre, Turkmen State Puppet Theatre.




In addition, the first volume contains biographies of prominent actors of the State Drama Theater of the Balkan Velayat named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great, the State Drama Theater of the Mary Velayat named after Kemine, the State Music and Drama Theater of the Lebap Velayat named after S. Seidi, the Dashoguz State Music and Drama Theater named after N. Andalib.




The second volume of the encyclopedic edition includes biographies of art historians, animators, theater and film directors, cameramen, Turkmen playwrights, composers, film and circus artists.




These books were published with the purpose of detailed coverage of the development of our national culture. The first readers have already managed to evaluate the novelties. Recently, during the establishment of the Central Library named after Makhtumkuli of the Department of Culture of the city of Ashgabat, a discussion was held dedicated to the encyclopedic edition.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper