A universal exhibition showcases Turkmen market prospects

Organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a universal exhibition International Economic Cooperation-2017 has opened in the Turkmen capital. It perfectly demonstrates the Turkmen market prospects and its ever-increasing volumes.

Over 80 companies, state-run and private enterprises, including 56 foreign from 20 countries are exhibiting their products.

The large exposition illustrates the implementation progress of modernization and reorganization of the national economy, including its sectors manufacturing products that are becoming more and more popular with consumers for their high quality and variety. Among them are the energy, food, textile, agricultural, and processing industries.

Foreign partners display new high-tech LED lamps and exterior LED lighting. Special emphasis is on ecologically-clean systems and energy-saving technologies.

Equipment, machinery and technologies are today at the forefront of imports into Turkmenistan and the exhibition organizers did not leave it out of account. The guests evinced a keen interest in the types of products and services that are in high demand on the Turkmen market and effective ways of gaining a foothold on it.

Domestic producers present goods, which are highly competitive with imported rival products. An exhibition stand of the Ministry of Textile Industry showcases a wide range of products with a Made in Turkmenistan label �cotton and silk fiber and yarn, fabrics, household textiles, souvenirs, traditional national clothes, and handcrafted products. On display are meat, dairy, confectionery, bakery, and other products from local producers; household goods and other consumer products in modern design and with fancy packaging.

Private exhibitors take a significant part in the exhibition. Among them are enterprises and companies of the private sector that specialize in various spheres � agriculture, the food industry and construction. A stand dedicated to the development of tourism, recreation organization and health resort infrastructure is a big draw at the exhibition.

Display stands of the Ministry of Railway Transport and Turkmenhovayollary State National Service exhibit future development prospects for international transport routes and communications lines linking Turkmenistan with countries of the region and other continents.

A stand, devoted to the preparations ongoing in the capital for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games to be held in the running year's September, captures special attention. The exhibition also offers helpful information on the regions' development rates and prospects, and their economic potential.

The exhibition will continue tomorrow.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper