About Us

Turkmenistan News Gazette is a famous name in the news industry of the Asean region and has been in the news industry for a long time. The website is to gather and publish news of all kinds daily and covers almost every industry intending to provide the ever-changing insights of every industry to its readers. The news, which is published on the website, does not prejudice any particular group, nation, and religion and as we stick to this policy, it also guides us to keep the website free from being influenced by any political and religious agenda. The professional staff behind this website gives equal value to all sorts of news such as domestic, regional, and international news that has turned out to be the effective approach to never skip any news that is affecting the common people’s lives.

“Follow the norms of the journalism and achieve the respectable name in the news industry”, this is the sentence, around which our method of working revolves, as being the team behind the leading online news website in the ASEAN region. The policy of constantly verifying the news of all sectors sustains us to be on the path described by the teachings of journalism. By abiding by the rules of journalism, we have succeeded to proudly manifest our clear track record of publishing only authentic and reliable news to our readers and many media experts, who also appreciate our professionalism.

There are many successful brands of the country and the region, which succeeded in dominating many new international markets of other regions, and all they have achieved by opting for the Turkmenistan Press Release Service of our news website. None other than this website offers the owners of businesses leverage its readers to make them their customers, and that attribute of our news website makes us stand apart from other online news websites. The readers of Turkmenistan Tribune are from every region and they trust whatever is published on the site and that we offer to businesses to leverage. This strategy makes us get the trust of both the owners of different businesses and the new readers, attracting to our website.

Social media is what Turkmenistan News Gazette depends on when it comes to getting to know the reader’s response about different news on our news website. To ensure an impeccable presence on many social media forums, the website has a team of experts, whose responsibility is to gather the points of view of our readers and ensure them that their points of view will be considered. This has also compelled many new people on social media to become our regular readers.