About Us

Turkmenistan News Gazette has been a prominent news source in the ASEAN region for several years, covering all industries to provide its readers with insights and information. The website aims to publish news of all kinds daily without any bias towards any particular group, nation, or religion, and is committed to maintaining a non-political and non-religious stance.

The professional staff values all types of news, including domestic, regional, and international, ensuring that no important news is missed that may affect people’s lives. The website adheres to the norms of journalism and has a clear track record of publishing only reliable and authentic news.

Turkmenistan News Gazette offers a Press Release Service that helps businesses in the region to leverage its readers and increase their revenue. The website’s readers come from all over the world and trust the authenticity of the news published. Turkmenistan News Gazette has a team of experts who gather feedback from readers on social media forums and consider their viewpoints. This has attracted many new readers to the website.

Turkmenistan News Gazette has succeeded in dominating many new international markets in the region, thanks to its professional and reliable news coverage. The website’s commitment to journalism has earned it the trust of both readers and businesses in the region.