Absolute World Champion Konstantin Tszyu is an honorable guest of the Boxing Championship of Turkmenistan

The National Boxing Championship started in Ashgabat that has brought together about 120 participants from all regions. The world-famous boxer Konstantin Tszyu came to our capital at the invitation of the National Boxing Federation to address the Turkmen boxers: If the athlete has set a goal, he must make maximum efforts towards achieving it, K. Tszyu says, and the goal should be to gain maximum - no less than a victory in the championship of the planet.

The title of the absolute world champion was won by him based on the victories in all versions of professional boxing organizations such as the IBF (International Boxing Federation), the WBC (World Boxing Council) and the WBA (World Boxing Association). He is also a twice champion of Europe. The name of Konstantin Tszyu is inscribed in the International Boxing Hall of Fame in the US along with outstanding athletes, trainers and other contributors to development of sports.

As the titled sportsman told, his father brought him to boxing. Beginning his career with famous Russian trainer Vladimir Cherni, under whose instruction Kostya Tszyu spent more than ten years, in the 90s of the last century he moved to Australia, where he continued his professional sports development under the instruction of Johnny Lewis, having subsequently achieved unprecedented successes.

Watching the fights of our athletes, the absolute world champion stressed that he sees great potential of Turkmen boxers. Konstantin expressed confidence that with a science-based training on a systemic basis some shortcomings will be eliminated, since for several years the national team of Turkmenistan will be coached by Honored Trainer of Russia, winner of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney (Australia), World and European Champion Alexander Lebzyak.

Trainer's talent of Alexander Borisovich is strikingly illustrated by his recognition as the best instructor of the world in 2015 by the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA).it should be noted also that A.Lebzyak headed the Russian national team for a long time, as well as the famous team of the Central Sports Club of the Army (CSKA). Over the period of his activity as a coach (since 2001) he trained such famous boxers as twice Olympic Champion Alexey Tishchenko, winner of the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing Rakhim Chahkiev, twice World Champion and World Cup Holder Matvey Korobov, winners of the main sporting events of the four-year period Sofya Ochigava, Anastasia Belyakova and many others.

Now his coaching duties include the training of Turkmen boxers for the XXXII Summer Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo (Japan) in 2020. The first preliminary members of our national team will be qualified by the results of the present National Championship.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper