Academy of Arts Presents Best Works by Women Artists

Teachers at the Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan, the Department of Applied Art, have organized a festive exhibition that brings together their best works and is a big draw for art enthusiasts, those who love creative activities, and the media.

Works by Solmaz Mukhammedova and Gulyara Babaeva make the viewer immersed into the poetics of love and celebrate the spring as a time of transformation with either of the artists presenting up to 50 artworks. Colorful floral paintings and several portraits of women are the newest additions to an impressive collection of ceramic vases, exquisite vessels and various arrangements easily recognizable by Solmaz Mukhammedova’s distinctive style. These flowers, an International Women’s Day gift from Solmaz to all women, added a festive touch to the exhibition, evoking positive emotions. The most beautiful of them are ‘Gerberas’ and ‘Tulips’ in the Wind’ tastefully painted in contrasting hues.

Her fellow artist Gulyara Babaeva presents her paintings created in a different vein. On display is a series of stylized paintings commonly entitled ‘My Vision’. All the works by the artist are filled with her personal happiness. For example, her painting entitled ‘Family’ at first glance only shows a warm palette of colors with fish, swallows, flowers and delicately-shaped emerald green leaves coexisting in harmony. However, a closer look reveals two profiled faces of a man and a woman who have strong feelings for each other...

‘I draw my inspiration in my family’, Gulyara confesses, speaking of her works. A noteworthy instance here is a dish with an image of a man’s face. Despite its stylized design and a touch of irony renowned sculptor and Gulyara’s husband, Saragt Babaev, is well recognized. The dish is entitled ‘My Family’.

On view are two wonderful portraits of Kurbannazar Ezizov, also featuring lines of his poetry. Gulyara Babaeva’s rich and vivid imagination and her artistic pursuits are truly amazing.

Gozel Babaeva’s hand embroidery is remarkably beautiful. One of the works entitled ‘A Wonder of the Universe’ features a finely embroidered fully opened flower. Below is a flower bud in the shape of an artist’s brush with big leaves shaped like an artist’s palette.

A small tapestry crafted by Jeren Charyeva in tender hues shows the spectacular scenery. The work is simply entitled ‘Scenery’.

The exhibition also includes ‘Young Married Women’, a composition of figurines of young women standing akimbo, and ‘Pomegranates’ with inviting ripe and split open pomegranates that have fallen off in an old, crumpled tree stump by Gulbakhar Annagulyeva.

Painted in the Cubist style, Bakhar Gylyjova’s original painting depicts a mettlesome horse. The work is associated with an eclectically patterned carpet with geometric contrasts.

The exhibition showcases many praiseworthy works, and the organizers awarded prizes and certificates of honor to all the participants. Yet, each of these artists regards sincere emotions, lively interest, smiles on visitors’ faces, and a question ‘When will the next exhibition of works by these talented, extraordinary and creative women take place?’ as the best International Women’s Day gift.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper