Activist Zhumasapar Dadebaev was placed in a pre-trial detention center in Tashkent

Turkmen Zhumasapar Dadebaev , was placed in a pre-trial detention center in Tashkent. This is reported by human rights activists of the Turkmen Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (THF) with reference to the relatives of the detained man.

Zhumasapar Dadebaev's father, Egemurat Dadamuratov , who lives in the Takhiatash district of Karakalpakstan, last week sent appeals to law enforcement agencies and the presidential office in Nukus with a request to inform him about the whereabouts of his son.

A written response to these appeals has not yet been received, but on Sunday Egemurat received a phone call from a member of the Karakalpakstan Interior Ministry named Kairat, who said that Zhumasapar was in a pre-trial detention center in Tashkent and that he was “dealing with his case.”

According to the THF, the activist was detained at the Ýeni Çami (New Mosque) mosque in the city of Bahçeköý (in the Sariyer district north of Istanbul). He lived in this city and attended courses at the mosque. A representative of the mosque said that several employees of the Turkish intelligence service MIT (Milli Istihbarat Teskilati - National Intelligence Organization), who were accompanied by local police, took part in the detention. The police assured that the detainee would be given the opportunity to travel to a third country. However, this promise was not kept, and he was also not allowed to contact a lawyer.

Lawyer Abdulhalim Yilmaz _) said that, according to preliminary data, Dadebaev crossed the border at Istanbul International Airport late at night on January 12, but it is not yet clear which flight he left Turkey and who accompanied him.

In 2019, after Dadebaev refused to cooperate with the special services of Uzbekistan and began to take an active part in the activities of the Karakalpak and Turkmen democratic movements in Turkey, Tashkent declared him wanted through Interpol as a “terrorist”. It is not yet clear what specific criminal charges the Uzbek authorities are incriminating him with.

The Human Rights Center "Memorial" continues to publish the activist's story about how the secret services of Uzbekistan tried to recruit him to work abroad.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan