Activists hold a new protest in Washington, D.C. against amendments to Turkmenistan’s Constitution

On the second out of three planned protests was held in the US by Turkmen civil rights activists against amendments to the Constitution of Turkmenistan.

The activists and representatives of the opposition movement Democratic Choice for Turkmenistan got together in front of Turkmenistan’s Embassy where they unfolded their banners with appeals and anti-government slogans. The participants requested that the Turkmen authorities respect human rights, provide jobs, food supplies and unhampered Internet access to residents, release all political prisoners and demanded that President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov step down.

The protesters said that the adoption of the amended Constitution will lead to consolidation of power in Turkmenistan and called on the Turkmen residents to hold an act of protest on 14 September, 2020.

Despite the invitation, the Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the USA Mered Orazov did not join the protesters but summoned the police accusing activists of inciting terrorism.

After that the activists headed to the Congress where they were also holding their banners.

The third, final protest in the US will be held on 2 September in New York in front of the UN headquarters.

Let us recall that on 25 September, 2020 Turkmenistan will host the session of the Khalk Maslakhaty (the People’s Council) in the course of which the amended Constitution is schedule to be adopted. The introduction of a two-chamber Parliament is envisaged to be the most essential change. Experts believe that by this initiative President Gurbanguly Berdymukahmmedov might hand over his post to his son Serdar whereas he will have extensive powers by taking a seat in the Upper Chamber of Parliament.


Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan