Additional load merchandise

Shop assistants of the stores subordinate to the Trade Ministry, taking advantage of the fact that the number of products in short supply is increasing, sell slow-moving expired merchandise or food products as an additional load.

For instance, a shop assistant in state-run retail outlets will add expired pasta for 2 manats to a kilo of sugar which costs 3,40 manats. A bar of soap is added to a pack of cigarettes. Moreover, it costs 1 manat if sold separately but the price increases to 5 manats if it is sold together with cigarettes. As a result, a pack of cigarettes together with a soap bar costs 24 manats.

We have previously reported that selected stores sell expired juices in addition to cigarettes, which increases the price of cigarettes by 2 manats.

It should be noted that in the provinces cigarettes are no longer sold to females.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan