Afghan government asks Turkmenistan for funds to implement TAPI and other joint projects

On November 20, in the Afghan province of Herat, a meeting of officials from Turkmenistan and Afghanistan was held, during which the parties discussed joint projects, including the TAPI gas pipeline, fiber-optic communication lines, TAP power transmission line and a railway (obviously, we are talking about the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan railway -Tajikistan - approx. HT). It is reported by the Tolo News edition .

Turkmen delegation headed by Ambassador of Turkmenistan Khoja Ovezov , Afghanistan - Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum Mohammad Isa ( Mohammad of Isa ) .

During the talks, Mohammad Isa said the following: "If you give us funds, the way will open for TAPI, fiber optic and railways."

In turn, Ovezov confirmed his country's support for TAPI and other joint economic projects and spoke about the creation of several committees to jointly search for solutions to the problems that have arisen and the resumption of the indicated projects.

The governor of Herat province, Noor Ahmad Islam Jar, noted that during the negotiations, technical aspects and field work on the TAPI project, the implementation of which is scheduled for the "near future", were discussed.

Since coming to power, the new Afghan government has repeatedly expressed interest in building the TAPI gas pipeline, which could bring Afghanistan, which is in a severe economic crisis , $ 500 million annually for gas transit through its territory.

At the end of October, Turkmen Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov visited Afghanistan to discuss the same projects with the new Afghan government . Then the Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan Abdulsalom Hanafi, Minister of Defense of Afghanistan Muhammad Yakub and acting Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani promised to create a safe environment for the implementation of joint projects.

The new Afghan government was formed after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan