Afghan media: The jump in prices for liquefied gas in Turkmenistan affected their growth in Afghanistan

Residents of Kabul are concerned about rising prices for liquefied gas. This was influenced by the rise in prices for "blue fuel" in Turkmenistan and tension on the Iranian-Afghan border, reports TOLO news reports

It is reported that the price increased by an average of 10 afghani ($0.11) per 1 kg, but the previous or current cost of gas is not specified. According to information Save the Children, in August 2021, the price of a liter of gas in Kabul was 65 Afghani.

The Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) said the rise in gas prices in the country is due to two factors: tensions between Afghanistan and Iran at the border and a surge in gas prices in Turkmenistan. Turkmen news agencies and press services of departments did not report on the increase in gas prices.

“The main reason for the sharp rise in prices is that gas was previously imported from Iran. We have two more sources of liquefied gas imports: through the Akina (with Turkmenistan) and Hairaton (with Uzbekistan) border crossings,” explained Mohammad-Yunus Mohmand , head of ACCI .

The main gas suppliers to the country are Iran and the countries of Central Asia. Afghanistan's state gas and oil company said it was negotiating with them to import gas to meet market needs, the newspaper notes.

Tensions on the Iran-Afghan border arose after Afghan border guards planned to build a road on the territory near the border on April 23. In turn, the Iranian military protested and a verbal skirmish ensued, as a result of which the Taliban stopped all actions, writes Sputnik-Tajikistan.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan