Afghanistan thanked Turkmenistan for helping Afghans fleeing across the border

Afghan Foreign Minister Saladuddin Rabbani held a meeting with Ambassador of Turkmenistan Khoja Ovezov in Kabul.

The minister expressed gratitude to the Turkmen side for helping the citizens of Afghanistan who crossed the TurkmenAfghan border.

Probably, we are talking about soldiers and their families who fled to Turkmenistan, fleeing from the Taliban militants who surrounded the border province of Badghis.

Recall that on March 16, according to various sources, from 50 to 100 Afghan soldiers, who were surrounded in the province of Badghis, crossed the border with Turkmenistan. A number of publications reported that later the Turkmen military handed them over to Taliban fighters. According to other sources, later Afghans returned safely to their homeland through another county.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan