Agency “Türkmenawtoulaglary” increases the growth rate in the provision of services

The results of January showed a successful start to the year and sustainable development of the sectors of the national economy. One of the most dynamically developing sectors is the transport and communication complex, in which the growth rate for the work performed and the provision of services in January amounted to 119.7 percent. At the same time, “Türkmenawtoulaglary” agency became the leader in the provision of services, achieving a high growth rate of 129.4 percent. The scale and modernization of the activities of “Türkmenawtoulaglary” agency are evidenced by the following facts: passenger transportation is carried out along 607 routes, of which 168 are urban, 336 suburban and 103 intercity; to meet the needs of the population in high-quality transport services, from the beginning of 2021 to the present, 26 bus routes have been opened and 22 bus routes have been modified; a system of non-cash electronic payments has been introduced in city buses of the capital.

Taxi cars were equipped with special devices for paying for services by the Internet. Also, GPS / Glonass systems were installed on buses, taxi cars and trucks, which are at the disposal of enterprises in the velayats. Through the Internet, you can buy tickets for buses from the capital to the velayats of the country on intercity and suburban routes. A large and modern fleet of trucks is widely used in various sectors of the national economy, for the transportation of grain and other crops grown in Turkmenistan, for the transportation of export and import cargo. As for the entire transport and communication complex, the prospects for further development of “Türkmenawtoulaglary” agency are associated with a further increase in passenger and cargo turnover, an increase in the volume of transit and international cargo transportation, scaling up the digitalization of the industry, expanding the range and improving the quality of services.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper