“Ahal” defeated “Energetik”, and “Altyn Asyr” modestly defeated “Shagadam”

In the 24th round of the Turkmenistan Football Championship, the leading teams in the fight for the medals "Ahal" and "Altyn Asyr" scored 3 points each.

The head of the tournament table "Ahal" in this round visited "Energetik" in Mary, and the reigning champion "Altyn Asyr", which is in second place, hosted the Turkmenbashi "Shagadam" at its stadium in the Buzmeyinsky etrap of the capital.

The match in the administrative center of the Mary velayat was held with a noticeable advantage of the team of the Main Department "Turkmennebitonumleri", which scored five goals against Energetik, conceding only one into its own. Didar Durdyev (34th and 57th minutes) scored twice among the winners, and Arzuvkuli Saparkuliyev (37th), Dayanch Meredov (84th) and Meylis Diniev (89th) scored once each. The losers have a goal of prestige on account of Teymur Charyev (86th).

The game in Ashgabat also turned out to be productive. However, unlike the parallel match in Mary, Altyn Asyr's victory was not easy. In the 13th minute, the hosts lost - 0:1 after an accurate shot by Nazar Tovakelov. On the 45th - Rovshen Halmamedov won back a goal, and the teams went to the break with the score - 1:1.

In the second half of the meeting, two goals from Mikhail Titov (50th minute) and Altymurad Annadurdyev (59th) were answered by Akmamed Metdayev (78th) with one accurate shot. As a result, the team of the agency "Turkmenaragatnashyk" won a strong-willed victory - 3:2.

After this round, "Akhal" with 63 points in the asset retained a lead of 11 points from "Altyn Asyr". Merv closes the top three with 39 points, ahead of Kopetdag by 4 points.

But in the dispute scorers there have been slight changes. Having scored two goals against Energetik in the 24th round, Didar Durdyev (Akhal) topped the list of snipers with 21 goals (3 from penalties). Alibek Abdurakhmanov (Merv) is in second position with 20 goals (5 from penalties). Begench Akmamedov (Kopetdag) closes the top three with 18 goals (3 from penalties).

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper