Ahead of the President’s visit to Lebap, public utilities staff work round the clock

The President is scheduled to pay a visit to Lebap velayat and according to correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, in the run up to the forthcoming visit the public utilities services are working almost round the clock.

The employees of Turkmenbad's public utilities department used to launch the works at 5 a.m. but now they start work at 2 a.m. The staff of the joint stock company Gek gushak are now putting in order all green areas.

Since people fail to tackle the increased volume of work, which needs to be done within a short time frame, staff of house administrations have been deployed to help them.

Houses located along Niyazov avenue (formerly, Lenin street) and Turkmenbashi avenue (formerly, Kastanadov street) are being renovated. Houses are being plastered, whitewashed and painted from the side of the street. The house administrations, which experience a shortage of specialists, are held responsible for carrying out the works. The city khyakmlik's office recommended to hire self employed stucco workers and house painters but did not allocate any funds to pay for their services or at least cover the cost of construction materials.

Employees of house administrations from residential districts 1,2,3 Jeikhun, Khimik, Bakhar as well as from the third residential quarter, who have been mobilized to work overtime, receive no additional remuneration. They were warned by the high ranking authorities that no additional payment is envisaged.

Bringing the city into order within a short timeframe is a common practice for the executives of velayats awaiting the visit of the President. Occasionally all municipal services switch to emergency mode even if the head of state does not eventually pay a visit.

Our correspondents emphasize that while awaiting the President's arrival mid level or junior officials are not appointed instead of those who have been dismissed or even passed away. For instance, nobody has been appointed Chairperson of the agricultural association Lebap of Sayat etrap as a replacement of Merdan Jumagulyev, who died almost a month ago. The position of the head of the public utilities department of the city of Garabekevyul is vacant. The position of the shop manager in Turkmenabad's confectionary plant is still vacant. New executives are expected to be appointed only after the departure of the President from Lebap.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru