Air temperature in Ashgabat exceeded 23 degrees, in Serakhs – 26 degrees

In Turkmenistan, the air temperature has risen by 5 degrees or more above normal, the Meteozhurnal reported on November 22.

In the south of the country, the temperature in some places exceeded 25 degrees. In Serakhs bordering Afghanistan, the maximum temperature reached 26.7 degrees Celsius, in Tejen – 24.6 degrees, in Bayramali – 23.4 degrees, in Ashgabat – 23.6 degrees.

In the north in Dashoguz, as the newspaper notes, it is cooler – 16.6 degrees, but it is still above the norm.

The temperature will drop by a few degrees on November 24, but it will still be above the climatic norm.



Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan