Airports – “Gündogdy” builds

The individual enterprise "Gündogdy" has started the construction of the International Airport in Jebel (Balkan velayat). This is already the third complex, which is being created with the direct participation of this entrepreneurial structure, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. The contractor participated in the construction of the International Airport in Turkmenabat, built an airport complex in the city of Kerki (Lebap velayat) from scratch, and the construction of a new air harbor in Jebel essentially completes the creation of a developed ground-based air transport infrastructure of Turkmenistan.

The new airport in the Balkan velayat will be the fifth infrastructure facility to be built in the country as part of the National Program for the Development of Civil Aviation of Turkmenistan for 2012-2030. In accordance with this program, new air harbors have been built in the Turkmen capital and in the regions of the country, the existing airports and terminals are being reconstructed, and airfield services are being improved.

In Jebel, on a site of 275 hectares, a passenger and cargo terminal, a control tower, buildings for rescue and fire fighting services, a building for specialized vehicles and a runway 3200 meters long, an apron designed for 5 aircraft and 4 helicopters will be built, the improvement of the adjacent territory. Thus, the airport in the Balkan velayat will be able to receive modern aircraft without take-off weight restrictions.

The new international airport in Jebel will also play the role of an important link in the system of regional and interregional transport routes passing through the industrialized Balkan region.

A member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, IE "Gündogdy" is the only entrepreneurial structure in the country with solid experience in commissioning civil aviation infrastructure facilities. However, this specialization has become decisive only in recent years. Since 2009, a private company has built a number of important social facilities in the country - a library in Balkanabat, a sports complex for 3 thousand people with a swimming pool in the city of Serdar, the Dayanch and Elken monuments at traffic intersections in the city of Turmenbashi, a complex of residential buildings for 200 apartments and the building of the local khyakimlik in Avaza, the Administrative building of the Main Department of Finance of the Balkan velayat in Balkanabat, engineering networks in the cities of Balkanabat and Bereket, reconstructed the Rukhiet Koshgi Palace in Turkmenbashi and a number of other facilities. With such a track record, she won tenders three times, Turkish, Chinese, Arab, Ukrainian, Iranian companies.

Now IP "Gündogdy" is a powerful construction organization with its own design team, technical fleet of machines and mechanisms, trucks, concrete mixing plants of various capacities, engineering and legal services, a team of skilled workers and civil engineers, mechanics, surveyors, electronics engineers, IT specialists, programmers, telecommen, electricians. Hasty decisions are not made here - all types of construction work are licensed by the company's legal department.

As a rule, before the start of construction, IP specialists perform the most complex and responsible procedure - geological and hydrographic studies of the composition of the soil, the level of groundwater in the allotted territory and other terrain features. It can be said that preparation for construction is an indispensable condition for the successful conduct of work, which the builders of a private enterprise have mastered well. It is no coincidence that all airports commissioned by Gündogdy on a turnkey basis received a Certificate of Compliance with International Standards.

The technology of airport construction has been worked out by entrepreneurs to the smallest detail. After studying the territory, with the help of universal earthmoving equipment, the excavation of subsiding soils begins, complete (or partial) replacement of the soil, a so-called “trough” is created - an area the size of an airfield, from which a layer of earth with unsatisfactory properties is removed. Sometimes the depth of the "trough" reaches several meters. The base of the "trough" is filled with gravel-sand and organo-mineral mixtures, which are compacted by thrombation, strengthened in various ways, covered with a leveling layer.

Subsequently, on the "layer cake" of inert materials, the concrete coating of the strip is laid in two layers: from high-strength grade concrete 45 cm thick, and from low-grade concrete - 21 cm, ensuring uniform compaction. This technologically one of the most complex procedures is performed by the enterprise on a three-kilometer strip 45-60 meters wide using unique Wirtgen SP-1600 and Gomaco GP-2600 concrete-laying machines of the world's leading manufacturers, providing seven-stage processing of the cement concrete mixture. prepared in concrete mixing plants.

In order for the runway to be able to withstand a lot of weight at the moment the aircraft landing gear touches, entrepreneurs add chemical additives to the concrete mixture, apply an anti-slip layer that ensures safe braking of the aircraft in rain or ice. It is no coincidence that modern artificial runways play a crucial role in the reliability of flights and, at the same time, are extremely expensive to build and maintain.

The future airport complex in Jebel will be equipped with ground support facilities to be able to receive all types of aircraft. On June 10, 2021, the Abu Dhabi Development Fund allocated a foreign currency loan in the amount of $75 million for the purchase of this equipment. Radio and lighting equipment and meteorological equipment will be provided by subcontractors - foreign companies - Thales, Indra, Motorola, Rohde & Schwarz and others who have been cooperating with the Turkmenhowayollary agency and the contractor for many years. The airport will be supplied with electricity by Turkmen subcontractors.

In addition to the main facilities, the list of facilities to be built by IE Gündogdy includes an emergency station, airfield fencing with engineering and technical security equipment, and the construction of a new checkpoint. Drainage and drainage systems will be equipped, special structures (mooring and grounding devices, buried channels, wells that absorb forces from wind, wheel loads, air-gas jets of aircraft engines, etc.) that are designed to ensure the normal safe operation of aircraft at various parts of the airfield.

The company plans to commission the airport complex in Jebel in December 2024.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper