“Akhal” passed a first qualifying stage of the AFC Cup

Having won the Kyrgyzstan Cup holder, Dordoy team (Bishkek), in two matches the Akhal Football Club has successfully passed a first qualifying stage of the Asian Football Confederation Cup tournament.

Having won a match in Bishkek with the score 3:1, the Turkmen team has hosted members of their opponent Kyrgyz football team in Balkanabat, who needed to score at least three goals.

The guests have been making active attacks from the first minutes. The whole first half was full of dangerous moments at the goal of our team, but a confident game of our players at a defense zone and the skill of goalkeeper Batyr Babayev have negated the competitors' efforts. After all, the Turkmen footballers could make players from Kyrgyzstan to fall in their own penalty area, due to which a penalty shot was imposed. The goalkeeper of Dordoy managed to parry the first shot of Akhal team captain Didar Hajiyev, but it was done in violation of the rules. The match referee showed him a yellow card, and the penalty kick was replayed. That time D. Hajiyev was accurate.

But the guests have not given up. Two accurate kicks of player of the Kyrgyz club Amir Gurbani, incidentally a legionary from Turkmenistan, have resulted in goals. The match end was tense, but at the 90th minute Suleiman Muhadov made the score 2:2, having summarized the game. Thus, the club of Turkmenistan goes to a next stage of the tournament.

Now, to reach a group stage of the Asian Football Confederation Cup, Akhal will have to pass the last qualifying round where it will compete with Hujand team, the holder of the Tajikistan Cup.

Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan