Akhal Velayat Farmers Meet Grain Production Targets

Akhal velayat grain growers have achieved remarkable success. They are the first in the country to meet their production targets, having produced over 450,000 tons of cereal wheat.

Efforts to modernize agricultural infrastructure and upgrade agri-machinery, the application of advanced technologies, keeping farmers adequately supplied with top-quality seeds and mineral fertilizers are the main factors contributing to the fast-paced harvest campaign.

Much of the impetus and motivation for agri-producers comes from higher grain purchase prices, concessional loans available to daikhan associations, tenant farmers, and private entrepreneurs for purchasing agricultural equipment and meeting other production-related expenses, as well as better living conditions for rural dwellers.

Specialists of Turkmenstandartlary Main State Service are evaluating the quality of harvested wheat at designated centers, granaries and elevators equipped with modern facilities. Producers are being timely paid for wheat via local branches of the Dayhanbank State Commercial Bank.

The best farmers, combine harvester drivers and other workers received valuable gifts.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper