Akhal Velayats Ak Bugday Etrap Achieves Wheat Production Targets

Grain producers in Ak Bugday etrap, Akhal velayat have reported on the successful fulfillment of their contractual obligations, having produced 89,133plus tons of wheat.

With the total area of 39,000 hectares seeded to winter wheat in the etrap, tenant farmers tend to favor distinctive wheat varieties, such as Biratap, Sahrai, Kalim, Batko, Moskovskiy56, and Bagrat, which are well suited to the local soil and climatic conditions.

More than 100 combine harvesters (from worldknown manufacturers, such as CLAAS, John Deere, and Case) are working in the fields. Special teams lavishly equipped with spare parts, tools and mobile communication provide maintenance services. 600plus trucks are transporting harvested wheat to 9 designated centers and elevators.

Growers from M. Sopyev Agricultural Corporation, A. Niyazov, Magtymguly, Bereketli, Bugdayly, Yashyl Depe, Erbent daikhan associations, among others, were the first to meet their production targets.

The harvest season is still in progress and farmers are determined to gather in unharvested wheat remaining in the fields promptly and with no loss.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper