All polling stations of the country and at diplomatic missions abroad are at standby readiness for presidential elections

Large-scale work, which involved the representatives of government and public organizations of all levels, was undertaken. Preparation to the elections of the President of Turkmenistan was carried out in full compliance with existing election legislation and international law standards.

It was also confirmed by the Observation Mission of the Commonwealth of Independent States, represented by the deputies of national parliaments and chairpersons and members of central election committees, diplomatic corps of Russian Federation, Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Inter-Parliament Assembly of the CIS countries, Parliamentary Council of Belarus and Russia Union, Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The election campaign undergoes in calm atmosphere, in the spirit of open competition, in professional manner and high organizational level, – the interim report of the Mission published recently in the central press says.

There are members of the United Nations, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Islamic Cooperation Organization, representatives of the People’s Republic of China, United States of America, Republic of Korea, Japan, Austrian Republic, United Arab Emirates, Turkish Republic, Islamic Republic of Iran, republic of India, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

To provide broad public awareness on all the stages of preparation and course of the election, State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH) made special links on its webpage and on Turkmenistan: the Golden Age online resource where necessary information on election campaign can be found. Besides, on the day of elections, these websites as well as TV and radio channels will reflect the course of the voting in two-hour intervals.

High alert readiness is announced at all polling stations of the country, every one of which is provided in advance with transparent ballot box including portable ones, ballot papers, reference and methodological literature. Premises with special ballot cabins are allocated for voting. Every polling station equipped with reliable communication and transport means.

Divisional election committees, comprised of competent representatives of labour groups and non-governmental organizations, undertake full responsibility to perform their duties. Large explanatory work among the population was done at the sites, what stipulated increased activity of the constituents. Moreover, for people, who by some reason are not able to take part in the voting on the day of elections, had an opportunity to vote earlier. Filled ballot papers will be kept is special sealed boxes until the start of vote counting.

Special attention in the activity of election committees was allocated to the work with official representatives of the candidates for the President of Turkmenistan including the work for assistance in organizations of meetings with the electorate. The meetings of the constituents with the presidential aspirants were held in accordance with set and coordinated schedule. The place and time of the events was informed by mass media in advance. At the same time it is worth highlighting that equal conditions and opportunities for election agitation were presented to all candidates.

Numerous letters and phone calls of Turkmen citizens to election committees at sites, containing the questions, requests and proposals of the voters addressed to the candidates for the highest government position, are the evidence of high consciousness of the citizens. All addresses of the citizens received by the committees were accepted, systemized and handed over to the candidates for review.

Speaking of the coming elections, it is worth mentioning that largest news agency of the world and international community express keen interest to presidential elections in Turkmenistan. The experts, political scientists and journalists are literally interested in everything related to the elections. From their publications, it follows that they are impressed by the expansion of both the campaign and its business like and constructive atmosphere.

On February 10, Presidential agitation campaign in Turkmenistan that is one of the most important stages of the elections was stopped according to the existing election legislation.

On February 12, from 07:00 to 19:00, the voting will take place at all polling stations, by which results the President of the country will be elected. This event, undoubtedly, will enter the chronicles of independent neutral Turkmenistan as another bright evidence of unity and solidarity of Turkmens, the loyalty to its primordial democratic traditions revived in new historical epoch.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper