All Turkmenistan’s universities to charge tuition fees

At the Cabinet session held on 5 July President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov ordered arranging admissions to higher educational establishments without negative phenomena and urged universities to switch to feebased degree programs.

According to reports of the state information agency TDH, some 12,242 students will be admitted to higher educational institutions this year. 8,054 students out of them will have to pay tuition fees. However, according to correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, everybody who has been enrolled will be obliged to pay tuition fees.

Entrance exams to higher and secondary vocational establishments have already been completed. However, the admissions announcements published in the Turkmen print media did not quote any tuition fees.

According to the sources of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, annual tuition fees range from 6,000 to 8,000 manats depending on the university and the chosen field of specialization. For instance, Turkmenistan's State Institute of Economics and Management (formerly, the Institute of National Economy) will charge minimum tuition fees of 6,000 manats per year. Tuition fees in the Institute of Telecommunications and IT (formerly, the State Institute of Transport and Communications) might reach 7,400 manats, in Turkmenistan's State Institute of Oil and Gas up to 8,000 manats. The State Institute of Architecture and Construction charges 7,600 manats in tuition fees. Students of the National Academy of Music named after Maya Kulieva will have to pay tuition fees of 7,000 manats whereas Turkmenabadbased State Teachers' Training Institute named after Seitnazar Seydi offer the tuition fees of 6,000 manats.

As regards the amount of bribes paid for admissions, according to some reports, they remain at the level of 2018 and fluctuate between $25 to $40 thousand US dollars. The lowest tuition fees of $12 thousand are offered by the Teachers' Training College. According to other sources, owing to the economic slump the amount of a bribe has decreased several times.

It should be emphasized that owing to high bribes, many parents prefer to send their children to pursue educational opportunities in overseas universities. However, in April 2019 the list of foreign higher educational establishments the diplomas of which are acknowledged in Turkmenistan was restricted.

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Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan