Almaty Airport complains about Turkmen Airlines

Almaty International Airport announced violations of baggage transportation by Turkmenistan Airlines, reported on the official airport page on Facebook.

Currently, Turkmen Airlines operates three flights a week from Ashgabat to Almaty, and there are almost every luggage problem. In fact, at Ashgabat airport luggage is regularly loaded not in full. The air carrier who has not arrived baggage is not sent by the nearest flight, but after quite a long time, the message says.

The baggage search department of the Almaty International Airport from passengers of Turkmen Airlines in January 2019 received 93 appeals about unaccounted baggage, in February - 293, in March (as of the 15th day) - 118.

In addition, in violation of the rules at Ashgabat airport, packages and bales are recorded for flights to Almaty, their weight is often, often significantly, permissible 32 kg per passenger, that is, they are actually not baggage but cargo invoice as cargo.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan