“Altyn Asyr” modernizes mobile communication in rural areas

On the eve of the New Year, specialists of Altyn Asyr Closed Joint-Stock Company install cellular communication base stations in the villages of Ahal, Mary and Lebap regions.

The national mobile operator plans to install 50 more stations in villages and cities of the Baharden, Geoktepe, Ak Bugday, Tedjen, Serahs, Babadaykhan, Kaakhka Etraps in Ahal Velayat that will provide access to high-speed Internet.

About 30 units of 3G generation will be installed in Turkmenkala, Serhetabat, Takhtabazar,

Altyn Asyr has modernized the material and technical base, increasing the level of communication services in compliance with the world standards. A programme for the development of communication and telecommunications systems in remote areas of the country is successfully implemented.

Given the growing demands of the population, the national mobile operator plans to install 3G generation equipment in the rural areas, 4G - in velayat centers, and 5G - in the near future.- 4G, ? ? ????????? ??????????? - ????????? 5G.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper