An amusement park built on a $1 million prize was opened in the Esenguly etrap of the Balkan velayat

On August 5, the Arkadagyn nesilleri amusement park was solemnly opened in the Esenguly etrap of the Balkan velayat, the state information agency TDH reports .

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov , who is on vacation in the region, did not take part in the event. The park was opened by the chairman and deputies of the Mejlis Milli Gengesh, velayat and city khyakimliks, public organizations, media, honorary elders and residents of the etrap.

The park was built with $1 million, which the stage received in 2018 for winning the competition for the best areas of the country. With this money, carousels, a race track, a ferris wheel, a slot machine hall, a cafe, a children's toy store and an office building were built on an area of 1.5 hectares.

A competition to determine the best etrap is held annually. It is usually won by the etraps of each of the five velayats in turn. The allocated premium is intended to contribute to the development of the etrap. But this is the second time that money has been spent building amusement parks for children. So, in June 2020, a children's entertainment park was opened in the Vekilbazar etrap of the Mary velayat , which was built with a million dollar premium allocated to the district - the winner of the 2017 competition.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan