An international energy forum has opened in the capital of Turkmenistan

The International Energy Exhibition and the scientific conference "The Main Directions for the Development of the Energy Industry of Turkmenistan" opened in Ashgabat. Among its foreign participants are leading energy companies and specialized structures from Russia, the USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Turkey, Iran, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries.

The energy exhibition was attended by about 130 participants - representatives of foreign electricity companies, Turkmen industry and private businesses. The review reflects the development dynamics of the Turkmen energy industry. The work carried out in this area allows us not only to stably ensure the domestic needs of the country, but also to supply electricity to neighboring states.

An interesting discussion of key areas of development of the energy industry of Turkmenistan and international partnership in this area continued in the format of a scientific conference. Representatives of Turkmen ministries and departments, specialists from research institutes, heads and representatives of foreign companies, and experts took part in its work. They discussed issues of increasing the efficiency of the Turkmen electric power industry, working conditions in the Turkmen energy market and the development of mutually beneficial international cooperation in this area.