An international exhibition and conference was held in Ashgabat

On August 6-7, the international exhibition “Construction, industry, energy of Turkmenistan – 2022” and the conference “Development of the construction, industry, energy sectors of Turkmenistan” were held in the capital. These events were organized in cooperation with key ministries and departmental administrations of the country, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This specialized forum, which was held at the initiative of the President, was dedicated to the day of workers of the construction and industrial complex of Turkmenistan, which was established for the first time on August 6. He gave a comprehensive description of the achievements of his state in these areas, which is moving forward on the path of creative, economic development of the Renaissance of the new epoch of the stable state. On the occasion of this professional holiday, various events were held throughout the country, the leaders of labor were awarded. They were given expensive gifts.

The production of ecologically clean, high-tech, high-quality products with huge resources and their full compliance with the requirements of international standards ensures the great reputation of the construction and industrial system of the country abroad. Turkmenistan, which prioritizes the creation of a strong production base, the increase in the quantity and variety of high-quality products on the basis of local raw materials and natural resources, activates relations with interested partners. They strive to strengthen their position in our market, which is on the path of harmonious development in the country and is open to foreign companies and investments.

The main goal of this international exhibition and conference is to promote the development of the country’s construction, industry, energy systems, chemical industry, and road construction infrastructure, to introduce the great potential and capabilities of the country’s commodity producers, to introduce foreign participants to modern equipment, new techniques, and services. consists of

Members of the Government, members of the People’s Council of the National Council, deputies of the Mejlis, representatives of ministries and departmental administrations, public organizations, heads of diplomatic missions of foreign countries working in Turkmenistan, heads of international organizations, foreign and local businessmen, representatives of the mass media, and many others attended the opening ceremony of the international exhibition. digital assistants participated.

The musical performances of the creative groups of Ashgabat added a festive atmosphere to the occasion. The participants of the event listened to the Congratulation of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov with great enthusiasm. In it, the Turkmen leader notes that during the Revival of the new epoch of the stable state, huge reforms are being successfully implemented in the construction, industry and energy sectors as well as in other sectors.

“Large-scale work is being carried out to strengthen the material and equipment base of the ministries and departmental administrations that are part of the construction and industrial complex of Turkmenistan. Modern innovative technologies and world experience are widely implemented in the industry,” the Turkmen leader said in his congratulation. It is also noted that such international exhibitions and scientific conferences are of great importance in exchanging experience with foreign partners and implementing mutually beneficial projects.

In the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there are exhibition sections that talk about the successful implementation of state programs and investment projects under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov. Within its limits, the works carried out in such areas as construction, industry and production of construction goods, electric energy, chemical industry, gas and petrochemical industry, road construction were shown. Effectiveness of mutually advantageous relations in the implementation of joint projects was clearly demonstrated in the walls of the state and business structures of the country and foreign companies.

At the exhibition, along with enterprises that have been producing construction materials necessary for our country in the industrial sector and competitive in world markets, new enterprises that have just started this business also showed their capabilities. Among those products are pipes of various sizes, bricks, reinforced concrete products, waterproofing agents, washed gravel, expanded polystyrene, expanded clay, various types of emulsions and paints, electric cables, tiles, dry construction mixes, various types of mirrors, oil and air filters of Turkmenaynnaonumleri company. batteries are available.

New products and technologies of construction production, automatic systems, small factories producing construction materials, water pumps and water purification equipment, panel and wall blocks, aluminum, plastic bricks, plumbing and decoration materials were advertised in the videos shown in the exhibition sections.

Previous partners of the country are Bouygues Turkmen, General Electric, Gap Construction, KSB, Renaissance, Sumitomo Corporation, Interbudmontazh, Dorozhnoye stroitelstwo Altkom, Chalyk Enerji, “Vozrozhdeniye” industrial association and others presented construction designs, innovative designs and technologies. The exhibition focuses on water supply, lighting, road construction, and active recreation industries.

The large-scale constructions taking place in the country within the framework of the integrated socio-economic programs initiated by the President Serdar Berdimuhamedov require the increasing demand for high-quality construction materials and the development of their production on the basis of local raw materials. Today, this is one of the main directions of industrialization of our national economy in accordance with the highest achievements of world science and experience.

New architectural projects attracted the attention of exhibitors and visitors. Images of office complexes, shopping and leisure centers, high-quality residential buildings planned to be built in the near future were shown here. The exhibition was interesting not only for experts, but also for city residents and guests of the capital. This gave us an opportunity to look at the future development of our country, to get an idea of ​​what our cities and villages will look like in the near future.

In particular, there were many people near the departments of private individuals working in the construction industry. In recent years, they have been implementing large-scale projects in different parts of the country. With the constant attention of the Turkmen leader to the development of the private sector of the national economy, entrepreneurship has become one of the most effective sectors in the construction industry.

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan identified the “smart city” and “smart home” projects, the successful implementation of the construction of residential buildings through the efficient use of technological developments in the field of renewable energy sources as an important task. In this regard, a special place was given to the architectural images of the “Ashgabat-city” project at the exhibition. The project of this large-scale residential complex, which is planned to be built in the northern part of the capital, will be an expression of the implementation of the “smart city” concept. Digital, robotic and intelligent management capabilities are the foundation of this new city’s life system.

The development of the construction-industrial complex is given great importance in large-scale programs, including the “Revival of a new era of a stable state: the National Program for the socio-economic development of Turkmenistan in 2022-2052”. In accordance with the tasks set by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, new villages are being built in all regions of the country, symbolizing the creative spirit of today. The construction of the new, modern administrative center of Ahal Velayat is a clear proof of this.

Today, local companies actively master the world’s leading achievements in the field of construction and project preparation, and effectively use them in the construction of modern office buildings, residential complexes, large facilities for industrial and cultural purposes. Along with this, the private enterprises of the country have established the production of dozens of types of construction materials that fully meet international standards in terms of quality. This was clearly proved by the department of “Deriaplastik” economic society, which produces high-quality products that are in great demand not only in the country, but also in foreign countries, which substitute goods imported from abroad. It includes products for pipes, cables, hangers, windows and doors, made of polyethylene,

“Amazing Construction”, “Master Engineer”, “Successful Road”, “Ak Bulut”, “Berk Menzil”, “Quality House”, “Aga Construction”, “Myradym”, “Veli Construction”, “Perfect Building” and others companies have demonstrated the potential of ownership in the construction sector. Sections talking about special engineering and technical solutions and the construction of facilities requiring new technologies attracted great interest. He talked about the construction of highways, bridges, multi-lane ring roads, underground passages and multi-level intersections on the highways of the country.

On the monitors installed in the department of the state agency for managing the construction of highways, samples of the construction techniques of the world’s leading manufacturers were shown, which were actively used in the implementation of road-vehicle infrastructure projects in recent years. In it, it is told that the work of earth-moving, leveling, digging machinery, auto-graders and others is carried out in accordance with modern requirements.

The successful implementation of the country’s road construction program, in particular, the Ashgabat – Turkmenabat high-speed highway construction project, will contribute to the development of transit corridors in Turkmenistan, integration of the Motherland into the system of interregional and international multimodal relations, and the effective use of geo-economic opportunities.

The activities of the state corporation “Turkmengeology” and the state concern “Turkmenhimiya” are interrelated. Turkmen leader Serdar Berdimuhamedov pays special attention to the problem of increasing the capacity of the chemical industry. This is reflected in the program of socio-economic development of our country in 2022-2028.

To meet the growing needs of the country’s agriculture and to increase food security, increasing the amount of different types of fertilizers is one of the main directions of the industry’s development. Huge reserves of natural resources, hydrocarbons and other raw materials, the introduction of new technologies for their processing and preparation of products made it possible to increase the amount and types of mineral fertilizers produced.

The products of the Karabogazcarbamid plant were shown great interest by domestic and foreign experts. Being one of the rarest bays in the world, Lake Garabogaz Bay is where the crystallization of sodium sulfate and other valuable minerals takes place under natural conditions on an industrial scale. Taking into account the rich potential of the Balkan region, especially the hydro-mineral resources of Garabogazköl Bay, it can be seen that there is a great future in the integrated production of new products that replace chemical products imported from abroad. Work is underway to establish the production of necessary chemicals at the polymer plant in Khyanly.

The large-scale projects implemented on the initiative of the Turkmen leader, in particular, the work on the construction of the ring power system of the country, show that the electric power industry is on the path of harmonious development. In addition, dozens of distribution substations have been built in recent years. Modernization of the energy supply and lighting system of capital and other cities and settlements continues. The large-scale works carried out in this field not only provide a stable supply of electricity to large industrial complexes and facilities of daily use, which are built every year in the country, but also allow to export it to foreign countries.

The information on the construction projects of new facilities of the electric power industry and their modernization in the departments of Sumitomo Corporation and Chalyk Holding companies attracted the attention of many. Pictures of modern buildings – centers for repairing and servicing energy equipment, “green” generator stations allow us to observe the future development trends of the energy sector of the country.

New developments in the production of renewable sources of energy were presented in the departments of the country’s related institutions.

A miniature model of the “White City Ashgabat” building is placed in the exhibition department of Ashgabat City Hall. Here, the achievements in the socio-economic development of Ashgabat and the results of large-scale activities aimed at ensuring the happy life of the city population were shown.

The department of “Moonlight Nights” economic society was also crowded. Products related to modern industry and electronic production were displayed here. The types of goods of this economic society are constantly increasing. Its components include mobile phones, smartphones, various types of monoblocks, smart TVs, split air conditioners, routers, water coolers and heaters.

The purpose of the exhibition is not only to show the achievements in the relevant fields, but also to describe the results of the reforms implemented in the development of the economic sectors, its opportunities, and most importantly, the effective nature of the public-private relations that consider the prosperity of the Motherland.

It became one of the main events of the consultative work program “Development of construction, industry, energy sectors of Turkmenistan”. The heads of ministries and departmental administrations, representatives of business structures, experts of several foreign companies and enterprises made speeches in the traditional form and through the digital network.

In the speeches, it was emphasized that in the policy of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, which focuses on the innovative development of Turkmenistan, great importance is attached to the multifaceted development of the construction and industrial sectors, as well as to the implementation of structural reforms in our economy.

Foreign representatives, in their speeches via digital channels, noted that there are great prospects for cooperation in the areas specified by the Turkmen leader in his summary sent to the participants of the forum.

During the conference, Swiss manufacturers focused on the directions of the seismic-protection system of buildings and facilities, the capabilities of the RIK logistics module and the tool for calculating the costs of transport, determining the economically advantageous routes of importing products, installations and equipment of Russian companies, methods of managing construction projects, and Turkish developers. The proposals regarding the organization were evaluated.

The participants of the foreign forum emphasized that they are ready to establish extensive relations with their Turkmen colleagues on the development of new technologies, participation in joint projects, and testing of equipment planned for production. It was noted that modern institutions in the country have the conditions and opportunities created to carry out innovative activities based on the continuous efforts of the President.

Discussions were also held at the conference on issues such as increasing the effectiveness of research in the field of electric power, water conservation, production of construction goods, and innovative methods in the development of the road construction industry. Specialists and businessmen of the country presented several images on the implementation of large state orders, the construction of the Ashgabat – Turkmenabat high-speed highway, the construction of the new, modern administrative center of Ahal Velayat, the facilities of “Ashgabat City”. The state strategy implemented under the leadership of the President envisages the creation of a national economy that has long-term growth potential and ensures continuous improvement of the population’s well-being.

The participants of the conference expressed their sincere gratitude to President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the conditions created for the organization of this forum and emphasized that attention is being paid at the state level to the implementation of investment projects in the country, integration of our country into the world space and increase of its competitiveness. With the successful implementation of large-scale programs launched by the Turkmen leader to modernize and diversify our national economy and develop the construction industry, the demand for goods produced in the country is increasing both in the domestic and foreign markets. Documents signed between Turkmenhimiya State Concern and a number of foreign companies and businessmen within the framework of the forum clearly testify to this. Among them are three export contracts for the purchase of ECO-93 gasoline produced at a gas-to-gasoline plant in Ahal province, three import contracts concluded with large companies of Great Britain, Germany and Italy, between Turkmenhimiya State Concern and Germany’s KSB Group. There is a Memorandum of Understanding.

The agenda of the forum included issues related to the role of science in the chemical industry, the export of gas chemical products of the country to the world markets, the introduction of new production equipment, the development of energy diplomacy during the revival of the new era of the stable state, the use of gas turbines and energy-saving devices in the power industry.

There was also a ceremony of awarding diplomas to the participants of the international exhibition “Construction, Industry, Energy of Turkmenistan – 2022”.

The participants of the forum accepted the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Serdar Berdimuhamedov.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper

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