And about. director of the Turkmen-Russian school in Ashgabat asked Mishustin to build a new building for them

It is planned to expand the Turkmen-Russian secondary school named after A.S. Pushkin. This was announced on January 19 by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin , who, together with the Russian delegation, visited an educational institution located in Ashgabat.

The competition for admission to the school annually is 8-10 people per place. Due to the high demand for Russian education in the 2018/19 academic year, the Russian Ministry of Education opened an additional primary class. The number of students this academic year is 1,526, the press service of the Russian government said .

During the visit, the acting director of the school, Irina Kuminova , told Mishustin that “today there is a growing need for the Russian language in Turkmenistan – for communication, for cooperation between our states.”

“At the same time, the desire to study at our school is growing every year. But today, unfortunately, we do not have enough space. We would like to ask for assistance in the construction of a new building for an elementary school,” Kuminova said.

In response, Mikhail Mishustin said that in December there was an instruction to the Ministry of Education to expand the school, but "it is necessary to consider all aspects and financial and economic justification." He instructed Marat Khusnulin ( Mishustin's deputy - approx. KhT ) to get involved in this issue and added that "it will be necessary to think over and report on how to implement this."

Mishustin also spoke with schoolchildren. One of them was interested in whether the guest liked Ashgabat.

“Firstly, I am amazed by the beauty. So I look at Marat Shakirzyanovich (Khusnullin): did he see such roads and landscape planning? Nice. When we drove from the airport, it simply cannot but delight. Neat, beautiful, clean,” the Russian official replied.

“I want to say that the city was made according to the master plan . The color is sustained, the quality is sustained, the architecture is sustained. I personally like it a lot,” Khusnullin added.

When the students said that they would also like to study at Russian universities, officials recalled that today there are 30,000 students from Turkmenistan studying there, and the annual quota is 250 places.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan