Another citizen of Turkmenistan dies in Istanbul from poisoning with fake vodka

In Istanbul’s Esenyurt district, six people, including a 30-year-old citizen of Turkmenistan, Jobborkul Rakhimov , have died from poisoning with surrogate vodka.

As a result of the operative actions of the police, trade points were found and sealed and three people were detained: two foreigners, Barna Mansurova and Ogulbek Dzhorabaeva , and a citizen of Turkmenistan, Maral Ereshova , the Turkish press reported .

In four days in the regions of Turkey – Kahramanmaras, Siwas, Istanbul (Stambul), Antalya (Antalýa), Erzinçan, Mersin, Gaziantep and Yalova (Ýalowa) died from counterfeit alcohol 23 people.

The police operation “Zehir” (poison) (“Zehir”) has been deployed practically throughout the country. As a result, 13 clandestine workshops for the production of alcoholic beverages, 84,467 liters of alcohol, thousands of ready-to-sell alcoholic beverages, bottles and labels were discovered. 85 people were detained.

As previously reported, on December 9, 32-year-old citizen of Turkmenistan Kemal Akhmedenov died of poisoning with fake vodka in Istanbul .

In mid-March 2020, Turkmen migrants in Turkey were poisoned en masse with fake vodka. In Istanbul hospitals, 61 people were poisoned, 55 of them died. Their compatriots sold surrogate vodka disguised as Turkmen to the victims. Due to the high cost of Turkish alcohol, imported Turkmen vodka is popular among migrants, and you can buy it right on the streets.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan