Another gas explosion hits a residential building in Ashgabat

Another gas explosion, caused by leak of household gas, occured in an apartment block in Ashgabat. As a result of the incident, a woman and three children were injured. According to correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, no fatalities were reported.

The apartment block is located in the 11th residential district on the corner of Aitakov and Magistralnaya streets. According to eyewitnesses' reports, fire fighting, gas supply departments, police and other services, including highranking executives, arrived at the scene immediately after the explosion.

According to investigators, as a result of poor quality joint a crack formed in the gas pipe, which subsequently caused a gas leak.

It should be emphasized that on 16 July a more powerful explosion of household gas occurred in one of the apartment blocks located in the 10thresidential district, as a result of which an apartment block in the fourstorey residential building collapsed.

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that as of now, the destroyed apartment block has been cordoned off and the rescue and relief teams have fully cleared the debris in the rear part of the house. The Inhabitants of the remaining apartments have not been provided with temporary accommodation and are still staying in their apartments. The store, located on the ground floor of the apartment block, is operating as usual.

Update. We originally mentioned that the first explosion occurred in the 11th residential district, which turned out to be wrong. The apartment block which collapsed as a result of the gas explosion is located in the 10thresidential district. Please accept our apologies.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan