Apartment raids by female criminal groups increase in Ashgabat

In recent years, due to the deteriorating economic situation, growing poverty of the population and rampant unemployment, people are looking for new ways to earn money. One of these opportunities, which has acquired a mass character, was the purchase of used clothing and shoes from the residents of Ashgabat and its realization on the periphery.

Women go around the apartment and ask them to sell their old clothes. Many have worn items, which they either sell for little money, or simply give to these women.

Taking advantage of the fact that the residents of the capital were accustomed to such visits, some women, in a group of 3-4 people, began to rob apartments.

One of the women knocks on the door and seems to be an old buyer. The rest are hiding nearby. If it turns out that only children or lonely old people are in the house, the others quickly enter the apartment, and until the owner has come to his senses, he is tied up or threatened, demanding silence. Women grab everything valuable in their homes, break landlines and quickly disappear, hiding their faces with a handkerchief.

The police does not investigate individual incidents, it is limited by the fact that it disperses women trying to sell old things. Now such spontaneous markets arise in the capital itself. For example, in the 11th microdistrict, where early in the morning women try to sell second-hand clothes and shoes.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan